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Need cyber security? Speak to the cyber men!

Posted on: May 9th, 2019 by Cornerstone

What exactly is cyber security, and do we need it? Cornerstone MD Chris Petty explains…

The chances are that you’ve probably heard lots on the news, in the press and on social media about the importance of cyber security.

Some have even suggested to me that “It’s just another GDPR”, something many of us have already forgotten about. That in itself in a mistake, in my professional opinion, as some organisations have just been the subject of the first round of large fines. But back to my point…cyber security.

Every organisation uses digital services in some form or another – but where there is technology, there is risk, and any smaller organisations would be unwise to assure themselves they’ll be safe, in the belief that hackers only target large corporations.

Perhaps they think cyber security is all about stopping some European hacker getting orders from Russia to pinch our data and infect our systems. In fact, our main threat is more likely to be the opportunist using automated attacks to exploit poorly protected targets.

Just like an organised burglar will scout about looking for poorly protected homes, the modern cyber criminal will send phishing emails or network scans looking for vulnerable systems.

We’ve recently been contacted by a few of our customers who were required to become Cyber Essentials accredited, not only to protect their systems but because it was a required element to win new contracts. Some needed the accreditation just to get to the next stage of a tender.

It’s also now a requirement for all Law Society members to gain Cyber Essentials certification.

So what are the benefits of Cyber Essentials accreditation? Here’s a starter for ten:

• Protect against cyber attacks: implemented correctly, Cyber Essentails will help protect your organisation and commercially sensitive data from 80% of cyber atacks.

• Work with the UK Government and Ministry of Defence: Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement to work with key government bodies.

• Increase chances of securing business: Certification gives you a competitive advantage, particularly against any of your competitors who don’t have accreditation.

• Reduce cyber insurance premiums: Cyber insurance agencies look more favourably on accredited organisations.

Ultimately, certification shows the wider world the commitment your business has to security, demonstrating to your business partners, regulators and suppliers that you take cyber security seriously.

Cornerstone can guide you through the Cyber Essentials accreditation process.

We’ll run all of the tests and documentation and then, on an ongoing basis, run external vulnerability scans on your network to keep you compliant and protected.

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