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Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by Cornerstone

Welcome to the quarterly Cornerstone Advice Corner, with Cornerstone Business Solutions managing director Chris Petty…

We use this space to let you know of any forthcoming changes within the IT industry, whether good or bad, and to give you advice on how you can work as smart and as flexible as possible. In this piece we look at Windows 10 and Offsite Backups.

Windows 10

Microsoft believes the future of Windows is as a platform for all. That’s why Windows 10 is no longer just an operating system for PCs. It will also run on smaller tablets and smartphones

Windows 10 is being called “Windows as a service”. Instead of being fixed for three or more years until the next major version, Windows 10 is being continuously upgraded, based on how well it is working in real life.

In this respect, it’s like any web-based service, such as Office 365. With Windows 10, you don’t get left behind and you won’t have to pay for expensive upgrades every few years.

Windows 10 is FREE until July 2016. So, with this in mind, should you upgrade?

First, you have to test the new operating system to make sure it runs all of your software, and also your in-house programs, which may need some rewriting. Second, employees generally don’t like change, and they may need some retraining, which costs money.

Microsoft has retained Windows 7 Pro as a current product, alongside Windows 10. It is also committed to supporting Windows 7 until 2020, so businesses have more than four years to switch.

We would suggest looking at Windows 10 when you’re considering purchasing a new machine but remembering all of the above advice.

Offsite Backup

Data is the lifeblood of your business. If it’s lost, interrupted, compromised or destroyed, you go down with it.
You should now be seriously looking at putting your data offsite into a secure data centre.

Don’t just do a quick Google search and put your data with a company just because they have a fancy website. Make sure they are reputable – and that you either know them or you know others that use them.

This is what leading industry analysts tell us about the data dangers that your business faces:

• 93% of companies that lose their data for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy

• 81% of businesses that experience interruption to their operations will suffer a closure

• 80% of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business in three years; 40% of businesses that experience a critical IT failure go out of business within one year

Food for thought?

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If you’re concerned about any of the above, why not take advantage of Cornerstone’s free IT health check? An IT health check can look at Windows 10, Offsite Backup and much more, giving you a report on your network and suggested improvements for security and efficiency.
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